Throughout my adolescence, I was frequently told by authority figures, like many children who are raised in psychologically healthy environments, that I could "be anything" if I put my mind to it.  In time though, the infinite possibilities posited by the musings of these adults as they clung to the fantastical mind of a child, gave way to actual-world practicalities and I concluded at an early age that without the gift of immortality or the ability to alter time there was only one profession if I wanted to be a busking magician, a loving father of ten, a pathological pathologist, a transgendered soothsayer, a cybernetic sex god, a Paralympic zombie, an albinic sunbather, a teleporting timestopper, or any other noun imagined and adjectivized. Furthermore, with this chosen career path I could have the power to connect with humanity on an epic scale, to inspire and influence billions, and to realize an incomparable level of joy and satisfaction.  It was for all these reasons that I made the conscious decision to be an actor.

The journey that followed this choice has not come without its share of hardship.  It has cost me relationships.  It has cost me financially. On occasion, it has even cost me my sanity. But, in over a decade of living in Los Angeles, I have never gone hungry and I have been blessed to have a roof over my head. If there is any advice to offer those struggling, within or outside this business, some forethought and a solid plan of attack are essential. Sure, a little luck never hurts but mastering the virtue of patience is paramount.  Be patient, but persistent.

My future goals include buying a 24k gold plated Delorean and opening up a chain of multi-tiered restaurants rivalling D&B called "Funk E. Cheese's" where "an adult can be a kid" with adult-sized ball pits and classic arcade rooms, featuring a wide variety of fine wines and cheeses, a scary costumed character, and staffed by beautiful people.

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